Sunday, December 27, 2009

Flexting: Flirting via texting

While sitting at the bar waiting to get into the next show of a national comedy club EVERYONE coming out of the previous show is stopping to give this comedian whom I am sitting next to hugs and high fives. I overhear him telling his friend that the next time the said friend is in the Big City, give him a call and he'll get him some tickets to his show. I strike up a conversation with the comedian and shamelessly ask for tickets when i am in the BIG CITY ...which he politely obliges.

This guy is cute, funny and gainfully employed (granted, he is about 10 years my junior, buy hey). That's a good start.
We exchange a few emails and he gives me his cell # to call him when I arrive in the Big City. Here is our exchange:

Me: Hi, I'm in town and looking forward to seeing you perform this weekend.
Him: No show this weekend since I got offered more money to go perform in another Big city.
Me: No worries. Go for the money. We'll catch up next time
Him: 2bad for me thou wanted to see u sexy =)
Me: Do you mean that you'll miss seeing my stunning blue eyes
Him: I mean the whole package. Wanted to talk longer with you but u had the show and I was headed out. Damn ur fine
me: You don't even know how smart I am either
Him: What do you do?
Me: I do life best. Is it only because I am attractive?
Him: Naw it's because ur attractive and smart. its the combo lol and trust i would have been all over u if I saw u this weekend
Me: ;-)
Him: I will send you a DVD of my stand up
Me: ;-)
Him: 4sho and have fun in the Big City I wil hit u when I get back and get ur mailing address

That was two weeks ago. I haven't reached out to him. He lists on his Myspace page that he is "in a relationship". Wonder if flexting" impacts that relationship. What do you think? Is it ok to flirt via texting if you are in a relationship? Would you find it acceptable if you thought that you were in an exclusive, committed relationship?