Sunday, October 11, 2009

Making sense of cold feet

If you haven't already, read this October 2009 news article about how fairy tale wedding plans ended up as a nightmare. It started out with the successful NY business man who was once divorced and the father of three (the eldest is 19 yrs old), proposed to his more than a decade younger love with a 6-carat diamond engagement ring. He called her a few hours before their $150,000 wedding and said he couldn't do it. And left her with 150 guests, some who had flown half way around the world, and the remaining $12,000 bill. (Todd English's cancelled wedding:

Although this has not happened to me, after reading the article, do you think that English is a cad or did he do the right thing?

Do you think he cares? Have either you or someone you know been involved in a serious relationship when the partner vanishes without an explanation? What was learned by this experience?

Do you agree with this 2009 "Cancelling a wedding etiquette" online article?

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